Are you longing for a natural way to dramatically enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual health & well-being?
If you’re here, you’re obviously a seeker…

Looking to live an extraordinary life.

You’ve tried meditation, sound baths, and Reiki sessions....

You practice yoga and eat organic, healthy food…

And you engage in loving, vibrant, heart-centered relationships…

These are all essential… 

And still there’s something missing.
Have You Ever Wondered Why...
All of These Practices Just Aren’t Enough?
While you might FEEL healthy more often than not...

The truth is, even though you take good care of your health, it’s impossible to fully control everything in your environment… 

Your body, mind and spirit are assaulted every day. 

Pollution, pesticides, AND the stress of living in a tumultuous time on the planet are impossible to control…

And even though you have the magnificent capability of healing yourself... 

You inevitably end up dealing with the same issues again and again. 

While all of your practices have gotten you this far, you know there’s a higher level to aspire to
An Extraordinary Life 
Awaits You
You know there’s a next level in your life you’ve yet to experience…

A life where you’re fully awakened and radiant…



And Spiritually.

You finally feel whole… 

And experience WHOLEistic wellness.
5 Hidden Beliefs You Need to Recognize (AND Shift)
To Experience HOListic Wellness
Myth #1
I’m separate from Source
At the root of all suffering and pain is the idea we are separate from Source. 

When we live in that reality, we experience life as a victim.

The real truth is, you are Source. You are Divine essence and have the power to experience beauty and magic right here, right now. 

When you realize this, you realize you are the creator of your life. 

You realize change IS possible…

And you can create a new reality. 
Myth #2
Change isn’t possible
The people I serve are dedicated to growth and evolution. 

I know transformation is possible for anyone who wants it.

Now, is it easy? 

Not always. 

Change requires stepping outside the comfort zone.

And that change empowers you to create an extraordinary life. 

That’s what my work is all about. 
Myth #3
Transformation occurs only in the mind
While it’s true transformation begins in the mind…

It’s also true that you have a physical body that is impacted by your thoughts and beliefs. 

Comprehensive well-being is holistic.

If you want to experience optimal well-being, you need to embrace transformation from all angles.
Myth #4
Optimal Health is dependent upon the Medical World
Western medicine definitely has its place, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be your first resort.

There is wonderful research and breakthroughs, but for everyday health and wellness, you have great resources you can use to reduce your dependency on the AMA and pharmaceutical industry.

You know that many of the pharmaceuticals used by the masses to treat common ailments, can have very serious side effects.

Even when you don’t experience side effects, medications take a toll on the body. 

Sadly, it seems traditional medicine is more concerned with making money than actually healing people.
Myth #5
Essential oils smell wonderful, but don’t affect us on any other level
You came to the world of aromatherapy because you smelled an oil and liked the fragrance, but have no idea how else the essential oil can impact your life.

There’s a growing body of scientific research proving the effectiveness of essential oils in balancing and correcting maladies of the body, mind and spirit.

Aromatherapy has a long history, with Vedic medicine recording 10,000 years of use in that tradition.  

Read some of the testimonials from clients and the amazing results they’ve had using essential oils.
"Recently, I experienced the powerful transformation that is made possible through Allison’s anointing practice. Last year I had surgery to remove a golfball sized tumor from my brain, and as a result of the surgery I had total numbness on the right side of my face from damage to the Trigeminal nerve. 

I didn’t really know what to expect as I was led into Allison’s sanctuary for the anointing session. And to be honest, I was doubtful that some oils could do anything to help me recover from brain surgery.

As I lay on the table, receiving this powerful anointing, I felt the world slip away… In my mind, I was transported to a place of infinite possibility. I was able to see myself more than just recovered physically; I was able to see the true power and glory of my existence. I connected with the unlimited source of creative energy that is our divine inheritance.

This was not what I had expected. I thought that I’d get a nice treatment, feel a little better, and be on my merry way. But that was not the case. Allison, with her 40 years of experience holds a much higher vision for what is possible for us, and through her sacred anointing opens the portals to what is possible, so we can access that vision and see our true potential.

This is the true power of these essential plant essences.”
– Michael LeValley
There is A Clear Path 
to a much deeper experience of wellness
I’ve spent my entire life walking a spiritual path, seeking and exploring paths to wholeness…

And the most powerful tool for transformation I’ve ever found to bring me a profound experience of health and well-being in all areas of my life, as well as, connect me to the magic and synchronicity of living a life on purpose …
The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy has empowered the deepest connection with my own Divine Essence and allowed me to connect with my soul’s purpose in this life. When I tapped into that wisdom, my life was guided by purpose and meaning, and began to be filled with magical synchronicity that has continued to open doors on the path to greater awakening.

I’ve seen that the only limits on my life have been self imposed, and as I began to trust more and more in my Divine inner voice, I’ve purposely let go of old conditioning and thoughts that have kept me limited. The essential oils have been my allies throughout my life, and have kept my body, mind and spirit in an optimum state of health and well-being.

Using these sacred plant essences with my clients and students, I have served as a Divine Catalyst for transformation and 
awakening, empowering a deeper connection to their true Divine Essence.

From that centered, empowered place, the healing that occurs could only be called miraculous.. 
“The first anointing session I had with Allison opened my heart in such an incredibly beautiful way - I had tears of joy and gratitude streaming down my face. She is a beautiful being with a beautiful gift!”
     – Liesel R. 
Intuitive Relationship Coach, Ojai, CA
Introducing The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy…
The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy…
You will have 6 weeks of a LIVE interactive experience, where I will guide you and share over 40 years of experience with the Sacred Art of Aromatherapy. . .

And discover the most powerful path for physical, mental and spiritual transformation I’ve ever experienced.
Experience 1
The Essence of Essential Oils
We begin by learning the essence of essential oils this week, setting the foundation to avoid confusion and overwhelm in your study in the coming weeks.  

You’ll Learn:
  • How essential oils work
  •  Scientific explanation of what they are
  •  The history of aromatherapy
  •  Their effect on the physical body 
The Sacred 7
This week, I give you the Sacred 7 Essential Oils that complete your Essential Treasure Chest - the most potent essential oils everyone should have in their home. This is where I begin to empower you with tools to address common physical ailments and care for your body. 

You’ll Learn:
  • The Essential Treasure Chest - The 7 Sacred Essential Oils 
  •  Specific properties and characteristics of each essential oil
  • How to use them through hands on experience with the oil
The Synergetic Power of Blending
Now that you know what the Sacred 7 can do individually, you’ll learn how to combine them through the power of blending to increase their potency and address specific needs. 

You’ll Learn:
  •  How to properly blend essential oils
  •  How essential oils interact with one another
  •  How different blends can address stress, pain relief, inflammation, sleep, cold/flu, and respiratory issues
  •  The difference between base, middle, and top notes and how to take this into account when blending
Protecting & Preserving Your Essential Oils
Because the plant essences we work with are truly sacred, this week is dedicated to conservation of essential oils.

You’ll Learn:
  •  How to choose and resource the best essential oils
  •  The various methods of distillation and extraction of essential oils
  •  Conservation of plants 
  • Preserving essential oils
Transforming & Transcending with Essential Oils
You have learned a lot about how essential oils produce physical effects, and this week you will learn how these essences can have an impact on the deeper emotional and spiritual parts of yourself.

You’ll Learn: 
  •  Impact essential oils have on emotions, behaviours, and awakening consciousness
  •  Incorporating essential oils in your daily life
  •  What anointing is and how to create simple anointing ceremonies
  •  Using essential oils in rituals to assist in literal and metaphorical birthing, midwifing, and death
The Sacred Art of Anointing
This final experience will bring anointing rituals and anointing blends in to play.

You’ll learn how to create an anointing blend, how to create an anointing ritual, and the various anointing rituals to enhance your day to day well-being. 

You'll Learn:
  •  Anointing for protection
  •  Anointing for lovers and beloveds
  •  Anointing for sleep
  •  Anointing for abundance
  •  Anointing for last rites
  •  How to create a ceremony
  •  How to set up an altar
  •  And the areas of the body to anoint for special ceremonies. 
Your Signature Heart Scent Anointing Formula

Signature Heart Scent Inquiry
Everyone is going through their own specific set of challenges, and will benefit from different essential oils or combination of essential oils. This inquiry is meant to uncover your particular physical, mental, and spiritual challenges so that they are all addressed in your Signature Heart Scent Anointing Formula. 
Signature Heart Scent Anointing Formula
Receive your Signature Heart Scent Anointing formula designed specifically for you and your concerns via video message from Allison. 
One Easy Payment 
Interested in learning The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy from Allison to improve your wellness holistically? Awesome!
One time Payment
(Temporarily Discounted!)
What You’ll Need…
We want to make The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy an experiential course, where you will be guided in how to use and blend essential oils during each weekly class, and in order to get the most out of this course, I encourage students to purchase or have on hand, the following essential oils before we begin:
  • Lavender
  •  Eucalyptus
  •  Rosemary
  •  Grapefruit
  •  Helichrysum
  •  Frankincense
  •  Spikenard
Here is a link to the website we use to get the highest quality oils:
Your Guarantee
I’m passionate about sharing this transformational wisdom with you, so I want to make it as easy as possible for you to confidently say “yes”.

That’s why I’m including a 30 day guarantee.

If you go through the first 4 Experiences of the course, and don’t feel like what you’re learning is improving your wellness…

Just email to get a refund on The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy. 
“My session with you really helped me move a big piece I have been chipping away at for a long time. I can’t even describe how incredible it feels to have that shift! I can hold and allow more joy, bliss, peace and grace through me and in me than ever before. Priceless! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
Kerri F., San Diego, CA
The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy is perfect for you if…
1. You’re seeking a deeper connection with your truest Self and others. Working with essential oils has been the most powerful way for me to do this in my lifelong spiritual journey. 

2. You’re completely new to aromatherapy and essential oils and have no clue where to start. The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy shares what you will need to know to get started on your journey to wellness using essential oils.

3. You might have some knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils but are looking to learn from a true master. I share many lifetimes of wisdom and knowledge using sacred plant essences in this course so that you can feel confident as you begin the journey into learning how to use essential oils most effectively and safely.

4. You’re looking for a practical, hands on guidance on how to use essential oils. While knowledge is wonderful, I’m more than just an academic. Throughout our time together, I will guide you experientially on the proper way to use essential oils for optimal effectiveness on the body, mind and spirit.

5. You have made a commitment to not use harmful or unnatural chemicals in dealing with common physical maladies. Considering the pharmaceutical industries penchant for harmful drugs and prioritization of profits above all else, the knowledge of how essential oils can be used to improve an array of physical ailments can be incredibly empowering. 

6. You’re excited to start using aromatherapy to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness… That’s the reason I created this course! Because I have seen the powerful transformation that can take place when we use essential oils to holistically improve our wellness. 

And finally… 

7. You're ready to change your life and it's time to let The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy be the catalyst. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with a 30 day guarantee. 
If any of this resonates with you, you owe it to yourself to give The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy a chance to transform your life.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is this too advanced for me?
Absolutely not. This is a foundational course that will serve as the perfect introduction to someone interested in learning more about how essential oils can improve their health and well -being.

2. Are essential oils really sacred and capable of saying what you say they’ll do?
Yes, they are. We know that the sacred art of anointing is a ceremony or ritual that has been practiced in many ancient cultures for thousands of years. As for whether or not essential oils are capable of producing effects, there is scientific evidence, and I've witnessed the effects firsthand for decades.

3. Why are essential oils so expensive? 
These are sacred plant essences. The process to create them, as well as the rarity of some of the plants these essential oils are derived from, means they are very rare and precious. Good quality, therapuetic grade essential oils are rare, and therefore much more valuable. Not only are they more potent, but you are guaranteed the magnificent effects with a high quality oil.

4. Doesn’t all transformation begin with the mind?
As human beings, we have a physical body. To achieve deep transformation, we need to experience our humanity and divinity fully. That requires a physical component. It’s why I love anointing and essential oils so much. What I’ve come to realize is that nothing holds on to the familiar like the physical body. It’s here where we have a lot of work to do.

5. How much time do I need to invest each week?
Each week, you’ll have a 90 minute LIVE Experience to attend. Each Experience will be recorded in the event you are unable to attend one week.

6. Can you remind me what’s included with my purchase?
Of course!

When you enroll in The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy today, you get 6 90 minute live, learning Experiences…

Experience 1 - The Essence of Essential Oils
Experience 2 - The Sacred 7 
Experience 3 - The Synergetic Power of Blending 
Experience 4 - Protecting & Preserving Your Essential Oils
Experience 5 - Transform and Transcend with Essential Oils 
Experience 6 - Interactive, Q&A Session

Each Experience will include Allison’s teaching with guidance on how to work with the essential oils.  

You’ll also get your own Signature Heart Scent Anointing formula as a bonus! 
The Therapy In Aromatherapy
“In the next phase of the anointing, I saw through my closed eyelids a celestial scene and felt the presence of angels floating above where I lay. She placed certain crystals on top of the blanket across various areas of my body and although I could not see their type or color, I felt their power through the gravity until even the gravity lifted. My life has been fortunate in that I’ve been blessed with very good health. But when I was about 12, I fell off a bicycle into a ditch. My right knee took the brunt of the fall and a scar exists there even today. She focused on this area more than any other and when her hands covered it, it felt very warm. Hot, in fact. It was as if she was taking away even the memory of that pain. Soft music, the kind that settles the mind and helps focus meditation played in the background. At times I noticed it and at times I was spiritually elsewhere. At one point I thought I heard rain falling, but at that point I was off wandering in some cool, green wooded glen in my mind. But then the singing bowls started. You don’t normally feel that your cells can see fireworks, but once she began the tones, I felt that each cell in my body had a pair of eyes and all were watching bright, spectacular colors against a black night sky. And sometimes beyond the fireworks, I could see the stars floating in the heavens beyond. After the singing bowls, Allee revisited my body with loving touch. The best part was when she was patting my head and hair like a loving mother soothes an infant. I had to wonder how many others have had both an anointing and a baptism on the same day. It made me feel as though I was the most blessed woman on the face of the entire planet Earth. The memory of that day will last forever, especially since Allee sent a small vial of essential oil home with me.”
 – Mary H., Phoenix, AZ
“I love you, Allison Stillman and am forever grateful for the light and love that flows through you and the psychic, and spiritual partnership that we have in the ethers to enhance the Unfolding of my Life’s Purpose. You are a true Priestess and a true artisan of Alchemical Transformation.”
Rose H., CMT Certified Master Aromatherapist, 
Organic Infusions, Inc Founder and President
Reviews of Allison’s One-of-a-kind Book
“The Sacred Art of Anointing”
In The Sacred Art of Anointing, Allison Stillman has touched upon the most fundamental and important issue of our time: How do we maintain connection with our wisdom, or essential self? This book beautifully offers the power of Anointing with essential oils as an answer to this question. I particularly enjoyed the author's personal stories, and those of her clients to illustrate how the oils bring about deeper connection with the self and soul. The fact that the oils are alive, and can affect me medicinally (both physically and emotionally) reminded me that anointing is another form of vibrational healing that can awaken my intuitive nature, and deepen my relationship with the Divine. For anyone who wants to learn how to do an anointing ceremony for themselves or others, this is the book to read. Beautiful quotes, and an inspirational perspective by its author, made the book a blessing to read.

     – Martin L., Chief Technology Officer, San Rafael, CA
This marvelous book is filled with everything and more to enhance your practical knowledge and spiritual growth on a range of topics from anointing to aromatherapy, massage, meditation, and spiritual awareness. It also provides a fascinating and scholarly history of essential oils while giving clear instructions for personalized applications of ancient techniques for self-directed spiritual growth that deepens your relationship to the sacred. A "must have" for anyone interested in increasing their level of consciousness, quality of life, and balancing mind/body issues for optimal spiritual health through the use of essential oils.
Many many thanks to this generous author for sharing her secrets and expertise! I will be consulting her book often, both in working with clients and at home!

     – Anne P., Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA
Here’s The Truth…
If you or your loved ones are repeating the same health challenges with no relief in sight… 

If you resort to overpriced drugs that have tons of nasty side effects whenever you get sick…

If you’ve been dealing with anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions and haven’t been able to find a way out… 

If you’re continually repeating unhealthy patterns in your life and relationships… 
If you feel like there’s a next level you haven’t been able to reach in your physical, mental, or spiritual wellness… 

Then The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy is the perfect course to help you achieve this by empowering you with knowledge and the ability to use these sacred plant essences. 

If you’re ready, I look forward to giving you the tools YOU need to use essential oils in your daily life…

And experience WHOLEistic wellness. 
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